Step by Step Malwarebytes Install

Installing MalwareBytes


Search Google for the MalwareBytes web page:












Down load the program from the MalwareBytes web site: Click the Free Version. Or if you prefer the Premium, it’s just $24.95 a year for 3 PCs










The free version button brings you to the Download page. Click the Download Now button:











Save to Desktop so it is easy to find, if your browser doesn’t ask where you want to save the program it will be in your Documents under Downloads:












Go to your desktop or your Download folder and double click on the install icon or

05FindThe FileDesktopMB








Or Go to your Download folder to double click the program there.

05bFindThe FileDownloadedFileMB







Then Click Yes on the User Account Control…


07UAC Control









Next you will get the Open File – Security Warning. Click Run.













Choose your language










Click Next to Start the install. Make sure all your other programs are saved and closed.

09Click Next











Agree to the License Agreement













Next is an Info page with a brief description of any updates and improvements.
Click Next













Click Next to OK the Location of the install. It’s best to let the program decide where to install, that way it knows where to look when it needs things.













Next the Start Menu Location… Just Use the default.  Click Next













Add Short Cut to Desktop… Click Next.













Finally Ready to Install…. Click Install

15OK TOInstallNext











The program installs and presents progress bar.












Be sure to uncheck the free trial check box and check the start MalwareBytes.
Then Click Finish


MalwareBytes will open and look for updates, when updates are done click Scan Now


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New Life for your Windows XP Computer

Who thinks that just because Microsoft decides to no longer support Windows XP it should mean the end of a perfectly good working PC. Well it doesn’t have to be that way. Using one of the many Linux distributions you can breathe new life into your old Windows XP computer. My favorite distribution is Ubuntu.









By installing the Linux operation system on your PC you will have an up to date operating system and be able to run all but the most Windows centric applications.

But not to worry, for every windows application there is a Linux program that will do the same thing. Even then if you can’t fined a suitable program, there is a Windows simulation that will run most Windows programs.

Due to the limitations in most older PC running Windows XP this Ubuntu upgrade works best for surfing the web, email, word processing and other regular computer operations.

There are some very good reasons NOT to keep using your Windows XP computer. One of the biggest reasons is that you will soon not be able get  Windows Updates. So as the days go by your XP system we become more and more vulnerable to viruses and malware.

None of the Anti Virus supplier will continue to support Windows XP. I tried to download several and they all said that Windows XP is no longer supported

There are some very good reasons to switch your old Windows XP computer to Ubuntu:

Safe and up to date operating system.

Some of the major Anti Virus protection companies have programs that are Ubuntu ready. These include AVG, BitDefender,  Avast, Avira, and Panda.

When you clean out you old hard drive with the Ubuntu install it will be just like the day you purchased you PC. Clean Fast and ready to go.

The sense of well being knowing that your new Ubuntu PC is safe and reliable.

For More information on having your Windows XP computer updated to Ubuntu, Click Here for more details.

I can even make it look like windows.















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Why the Desktop Will Never Go Away

While poking through my Facebook time line today I noticed a post from PC World by Brad Chacos on “10 glorious examples of conspicuous PC excess“. This article is an example of why the desktop PC will never vanish.


Even if it is just a small group of enthusiasts, people love to tinker, improve and make computers, cars, scooters, even kitchen appliances their own..

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Geekiness Confirmation; Garage WiFi

Well it is official I am a total Geek. How do I know? I wired my garage for internet access.

Well Kyle and I did last weekend.

We ran a Cat 5e underground to the garage then configured a router as a WiFi access point.


Kyle and I have been doing a lot of Cosplay Prop work for our site Custom Cosplay Guild.

The AT&T 2Wire router just didn’t have enough range. We also tried putting the AP rouater in the window of the bedroom closest to the garage but that didn’t work either.

Kyle still needs to reset the pavers but other wise it’s all done and works great!


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Craigslist Truths

I found this while perusing through Craigslist. I read the ad for the “Corporate Logo Needed” last week and saw the responses this weekend.

If you can’t read it just click on the image to see it larger.

Corprate Logo Full.

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How Does a Touchscreen Work


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Day 2 of the Win 8 Upgrade

OK it is really more like day 1 continuing into day 2. I was up till around 2:30 am last night. I had some problems with the first install of Win 8. I had selected the replace existing OS, settings, and files. When it was done it had instead made a triple boot system with Win 8, the old Win 7, and the Ubuntu OS. Not what I really wanted.

So to “fix” this problem I removed the hard drive and put it in to a Hard Drive docking station I have and proceeded to remove the partitions and created a new partition for the Win 8 operating system. I then put the drive back into my desktop and booted to the DVD that had the Win 8 install disk. All went well and in about 15 to 20 minutes I was up and running Windows 8 on my main Desktop PC.

Everything was going well until the Activation window popped up. I put in the product key and received and error that this version of Win 8 was an upgrade to Win 7 and no previous version could be found. Douh!!!

So I removed the drive again wiped it, put it back in the PC, and installed Windows 7 on it and as soon as that was done I reinstalled Win 8.

Everything went great until once again the Activation window popped up and I typed in the product key and this time I had to call because it said this version had been installed on too many machines. Which is not too bad, just a lot of number to type into the phone and a lot to type into the activation window.


So now is just the job of installing all of my programs.

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Checking for Lost or Misplaced Data

First a little background on data storage and safety. I never save any of my data files on my C: drive and I always back it up onto another drive. I know Microsoft feels it is doing you and I a service by automatically saving you data in its Documents folder. For the general user this is ok. Plus if you only have one hard drive it is more or less mandatory. But for people like me who make a living from my computer it is fundamental to have a more robust procedure to save and BACKUP my data. Here are the hard drives on my main PC


If you are a serious hobbyist in photography, computer art, writing, or any activity that generates a lot of irreplaceable data you should be doing this too.

I usually add a hard drive to my system specifically for data. This establishes two things, if the OS goes bad, my data is safe when I have to reinstall the OS. (Operating System) It also provides for easier backup and recovery.

So enough about that let’s get started on looking for lost and misplaced files.

The first thing is to search for missed placed files. The easiest way to do this is with Windows search tool.

As we will only be making changes to the C: drive it is the one you need to search. What I usually do is search by extension, such as JPG for images, DOC for documents and so on through the different file types.


In windows explorer go to the top right search window and type *.jpg and hit enter. Windows will search your C: drive for any jpg image files. What I do then is View files by Details and the largest, and probably one that I took of saved will be at the top. Then just preview the images and save the ones you want to a place off the C: drive and just leave the ones you don’t care about because the soon will be gone.

Next go through your User folders to look for other data you might want to keep. Things such Music, if you have iTunes you may want to move your iTunes folder. Be sure to do this within iTunes or you may have problems finding it when you reinstall. Look it up on Google to be sure.

Be sure to copy anything that is on your desktop. If you are using Internet Explorer you should copy your Favorites. If you have a Google account your Firefox and Chrome bookmarks should be OK.


Any images left in your Picture of Video folders, copy them to a safe location off the C: drive. Just to be safe I usually just copy the Desktop, Downloads, My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, and My Videos.

OK with that done it is on to the upgrade install. See you later with more updates. .

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Upgrading Main Computer to Win 8

I am tired of watching my laptop jump to being ready-to-use while my main computer, a home made desktop, sits and flounders for what seems like hours to get to where the laptop gets to in what must be seconds.

I know these are exaggerations, but there is no denying that my laptop is ready to go long before my desktop is.

I have been running Windows 8 on one computer or another since the Consumers Review came out in February of 2012. It has been on my laptop since May of 2012. Running as dual boot with Windows 7, just in case something went real bad.

I think I will preform a complete format and new instal on the desktop. I have a dual boot with Ubuntu on it, but I made a new box for Ubuntu so I really don’t need it on my main computer any more.

If you want to upgrade your computer to Windows 8 I suggest you start by going here: Windows 8 Update Page. You will need the upgrade assistant everything happen through there. Unless you just go out and by the ward copy DVD.

Here is where you download the Upgrade Assistant that look like this once you download it and click on the file.

02-UpgradeAdvisor Checking
This will take a few minutes to find everything and check it. Once complete, you will see a window like this.

03-UpgradeAdvisor Found

It found 94 apps and devices that are compatible and 11 items that I need review. To review the apps and devices click the “See Compatibility Details” link on the dark purple background.


It shows you what the problems are first. As you can see by my list, there is nothing that I can’t live without. I no longer have an LG phone, Microsoft Office 2003 works on my Win 8 laptop, Microsoft Security Essentials is now Microsoft Defender and is included with Win 8, and the rest I fixed by reinstalling and upgrading either through Windows Update or through the vendor.

So I think I will go through my computer to double check for any data laying around where it doesn’t belong and start the upgrade.

I have a copy that I downloaded before the price upgrade that ended Jan, 1st 2013. I am not sure if there are any specials now but if you search you might find something. Or it may be the right time to get Windows 8 through the purchase of a new PC. Thanks to tablets the PC prices are plunging.

Well I off to do some digging for lost or misplaced data files I will be back to continue this latter today..

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Passwords, We’ve Been Doing It Wrong

According to an article in PC World we are going about creating passwords all wrong. The article points out an interesting fact, offered by Intel, that the use of “Pass Phrases” are far stronger then just 6 or 8 jumbled up characters. So “ILovetoEatPizza” is far stronger then “P!22@”.  “P!22@”, according to Intel, would take just 0.2789 seconds to crack while “ILovetoEatPizza” would take 5572481 years to crack. and as an added bonus “ILovetoEatPizza” is a lot easier to remember. You can test your own ideas for good pass phrases on the Intel site.


And never, ever use the same password. I know it is really hard not to do so, but I have a couple things that will help. I’ve been in the PC business for 20 years and even I find my self using the same password (sometimes) but I always go back and fix them, so don’t any of you hackers get any ideas.

Get yourself a password manager such as LastPass, RoboForm, or KeePass. I use LastPass, acording to LifeHacker it is the most secure web based password manager. I like it because it is in the cloud will work on all your computers. Even Tablets and Smart Phones.


The other strategy is to use something pertinent to the web site like “FaceBook: This Is My Account” (1.220205455003854e+24 years to crack, or this Twit:This_Is_My_Account (3134124810260 years to crack), just make it some thing easy to remember. You see that I used spaces and single underline to separate the words in the pass phrase. If your site doesn’t allow spaces use the single underline or dash “-“.

What about sites that limit you password length? Here is where your creativity comes in. Find out the limit of characters, mark that many lines on some paper and see what you can come up with that takes up all, or most, of the spaces and go with that. Or as a last resort let the password manager create one for you. It won’t be easy to remember but that is what the manager is for any way..

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